a unique way toexperience lampedusa

So much more than a simple stay

Imagine a place where simplicity means sophistication, where local traditions create an intimate atmosphere of absolute relaxation and comfort. A place immersed in surreal landscapes that exude a feeling of wellbeing, where you will feel at home, wherever you are.

This is our philosophy, this is the uniqueness of the La Calandra Resort experience.

indulgein the enchantment

an experience in adestination

The thousand shades of the sea at Lampedusa will leave you breathless: shades of azure, emerald green and bright blue where Posidonia Oceanica grows. From the crystal-clear waters of the southern coast to the north where caves and ravines create a stunning atmosphere. A small stretch of land in the heart of the Mediterranean, one of the most treasured tourist destinations in Italy.

Not just a simple vacation, but an opportunity to regenerate in nature and affection.

diveinto the blue

discoverthe caicco

Spend your days surrounded by the Mediterranean sun and sky, gently cradled aboard the antique Turkish wooden gulet, whose sinuous lines paint ephemeral strokes above the incredible turquoise canvas of the sea.

capturethe essence


Taste is the true protagonist in the experience, featuring intense flavors and a richness of sensations. A concept that is inspired by nature and the authenticity of the island’s excellence. Each dish combines traditional Mediterranean recipes with emotions, history, and experimentation, and becomes a memory of scents and fragrances.


"Quando si varca l'arco d'ingresso
al tempio dei sogni, lì
proprio lì, c'è il mare"

La Calandra Resort