la calandrathe resort

A gentle slope, covered by succulent plants and terraces overlooking the sea, the elegance which listens to the sound of Lampedusa.

La Calandra Resort is set among the spectacle of the Mediterranean macchia. The architecture features dammusi with white lime and stone, overlooking the cliffs at the enchanting Cala Creta, suspended between rock, crystal clear sea and a clear blue calm stillness.

Authenticity andtradition

Powder blue and turquoise, saffron yellow, neutral and coral shades, the 14 rooms all feature extensive views over the splendid sea that surrounds the island. Located in the dammusi, each room has an ambiance that is intimate and welcoming. The dammusi are furnished in ethnic style and equipped with all the comforts to make your stay unforgettable.

the island from a terrace

La Calandra Resort is pleasantly isolated, the perfect place where your gaze becomes lost in the infinite horizon.
The perfect chance to take your time, to experience a space that is relaxing, discreet and free, to discover unexpected silence, a source of inspiration for life.

a sweet awakening

Delight your palate every morning with our buffet including a rich choice of flavors. A classic Mediterranean breakfast featuring savory items, fresh fruit, delicious pastries, and a treasure of typical seasonal fragrances. Irresistible flavors that will accompany your day.

diveinto the blue

The majestic 24-meter mahogany caicco skillfully navigated by expert Lampedusan sailors is exclusively for guest use. It sails out every day to discover the magnificent beaches, coves and caves that embellish the island’s coasts.

sunset aperitivo

Upon returning, an aperitivo with select wines and samplings of Sicilian specialties completes the day, served on the panoramic terrace at the end of a sunny day. It accompanies guests into the magical Lampedusan evenings, illuminated by the dim light of the moon, the stars, and the beam from the lighthouse in front of the bay.

Every moment will be an unforgettable memory.